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February 1, 2015 | Spelletich Group

Our sights on the upcoming 2015 growing vintage


As Valentines Day approaches, and Napa Valley temperatures begin to rise, we see a light at the end of our winery tunnel. As Sixty to seventy degree days become more prevalent, it becomes time for us to turn our attention to the vineyards.  It's pruning time! What is pruning you might ask? 

Pruning can be a cold, wet, and unglamorous activity that is nevertheless critical to a good harvest. Pruning essentially cuts away enough of the vine, so its energy is focused on ripening fruit efficiently. In general, growers cut away most of the canes left over from the previous year's activity, leaving a few which will, in turn, produce shoots that grow into canes that produce fruit. As Barb Spelletich says,"pruning allows for beautiful new bud growths.”

As we set our sights on upcoming 2015 growing vintage, we are steadily getting to taste thru some of our recent bottlings. One bottling that is showcasing beautifully is our 2013 SpellWine Rose. 

Rosé has gained popularity over the past few years as Especially so in the Napa Valley. It’s extremely versatile in regards to food pairing and is perfect all alone on a beautifully warm day. Not every Rosé is made in the same style, however. Our Spellwine winemaker, Kisten, prefers a process called Saignée.  This method is used during destemming where the juice is “bled” off of the grape must (a combination of juice and skins). By extracting juice this way, you get a richer color. The juice is subsequently transferred to a stainless steel tank where fermentation begins. Producing a dry rose with high acidity makes this wine perfect for pairing with spicy dishes such as cajun spiced shrimp kabobs.



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