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Barb —Winemaker/Owner

Barb Spelletich

Barb arrived in Napa Valley in ‘92 and started working for St. Clement Vineyards. Two years later, she and Timothy formed Spelletich Cellars. Previous to that she worked for Ste Michelle Winery and G. Raden & Sons. She established her own distributorship, Zephyr Imports in Seattle, WA.

Barb Spelletich is a confident, accomplished winemaker, who makes fine wine.  On blending Barb explains: “Making wine is the same as cooking - you are looking for the balance, the nuances, and I predominantly focus on the smells and flavors. My focus is fruit. The wine must smell and taste like the fruit from which it is made. Wood and age add nuances.”  It is her philosophy to hold back some of her wine for five years in the manner of some of the finer French producers.

She is proud and happy that twenty years of hard work, team work, and determination has resulted in a fine   family business.

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