The Spelletich Story

The Spelletich Family Wine Co story

Spelletich Family Wine Company started in 1994 with their first wines: Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Bodog Red-destined to become an immensely popular blend.

Twenty years later The Spelletich Family Wine Company united by four brands: Spelletich Cellars, SPELLwine, 3SPELLS, and Crush 94.

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Three Generations

Barb Spelletich


Barb Spelletich is a confident, accomplished winemaker, who makes fine wine. On blending Barb explains: "Making wine is the same as cooking - you are looking for the balance, the nuances, and I predominantly focus on the smells and flavors. My focus is fruit. The wine must smell and taste like the fruit from which it is made. Wood and age add nuances."

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Tim Spelletich


In 1994, he and Barb teamed up to start Spelletich Cellars. Tim is proud that the Spelletich Family Wine Company will be celebrating 20 successful years in business!

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Third Generation

Kristen is a single mom raising her young son Gage, whom she hopes one day will become the third generation at Spelletich Family Wine Company. As proof of Gage’s possible ascension to the wine business, Nana Barb remembers an outing where, "I saw Gage walking in the vineyard checking out the vines and knew he is a natural!"


Our Extended Family

Sallie Wilson 

Harvest Assistant

Sallie Wilson travels to Napa Valley during harvest to assist in the making of Spelletich Family Wines and Crush94. client wines. “Your never really retired, you just have other opportunities to try your hands at new things.”

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