Kristen—Director of Operations/Owner

Kristen has fully taken the reins of Spelletich Family Wine Company - expanded the business and made it flourish as never before as it comes upon its 20th anniversary. While handling the operations for the company, Kristen has created another brand she named 3 Spells.

“I’ve adapted to the market, working to find new avenues,” she says. “My goal has always been to un-complicate the word of complicated wine. I’m a no-nonsense, uncomplicated person and I’ve proved that by showcasing our wines in Napa Valley.”

Kristen grew up in St. Helena. She spent 10 plus years working in the wine and hospitality industry before joining her own family business.  In 2004, Barb and Timothy were able to hire Kristen.  

Kristen is a single mom, raising her son Gage, who she hopes one day will become the third generation at Spelletich Family Wine Company.

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